ChatWithWebsite is a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to talk with websites using ChatGPT. Users provide a website in the chat along with a question like "what are the available plans on", or "what new tools are on".

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ChatWithWebsite is a ChatGPT plugin. To install ChatWithWebsite, add as an unverified plugin in the "Plugin Store" once you select Model: Plugins --> Plugins --> --> Plugin Store in the ChatGPT UI (once you have Plugin access)

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Interact with ChatWithWebsite by installing this URL into the ChatGPT plugin interface:

When you make your query, include the website URL in the query. like, "what are the available plans on", or "what new tools are on".

You may also include multiple URLs if you want to compare the website offerings


This ChatGPT plugin offers a convenient way to talk to a company website and learn about its offerings using real time information



ChatWithWebsite does not intentionally store any data permanently. All website pages are embedded and immediately wiped. Embeddings are stored with ChromaDB on the same depoyment server and are wiped with each new deployment. In the future all embeddings will be deleted 1hr after the user requests them.

How it works